About Us

Since our founding in 2001, Extreme Enterprises has been investing a committed, evergreen pool of capital. We are not a traditional private equity fund but operate like a family office or principal investment group without sunset provisions forcing us to exit an investment to generate liquidity or demonstrate investment results for fundraising. As a result, we have the ability to invest for as long as we collectively feel is necessary to achieve our shared objectives.

We believe that building long-term equity value and capital appreciation comes from creating a growth-oriented climate resulting in long-term, shared objectives for a business.  We align interests through stock ownership in each company and work with management to create a strategic plan that creates economic value for the investors and management shareholders.

Value creation typically comes from earnings growth, leverage reduction or valuation expansion.  We focus on earnings growth which results in leverage reduction and valuation expansion.  As a result, our capital structure and investment philosophy is focused on creating a portfolio of well-managed companies that generate equity appreciation primarily through profit growth.  Our investment philosophy is to achieve higher than average risk-adjusted returns while preserving equity through a low leverage capital structure.  Lower leverage also allows our companies to weather economic cycles, grow organically and take advantage of acquisition opportunities when others cannot.